Madeline is the Mother Theresa of Real Estate!!!!! I moved to NYC for a job and I knew I did not want to rent and needed to find and purchase something immediately -- Madeline came highly recommended. Madeline assisted me not only in finding a home, she found me a temporary rental, a storage unit, moving company, a lawyer, tax accountant, etc and in the midst of the great NYC snow storm on 2010!!!! All of her recommendations were just as great as she is! Madeline is more than a Real Estate Agent -- she is like family as we spent hours and hours trekking through all sorts of homes, in all sorts of neighborhoods! She is honest, has patience of a Saint, is professional and was just a pleasure to work with! I LOVE my new home, my neighborhood, and my new lifestyle. I owe it all to Madeline Caudiano and I highly recommend her and will absolutely refer her to anyone with any real estate needs! 



Madeline was the consummate professional providing valuable assistance all along the process. It was money well spent on my part.

-J. Silva


Madeline is truly one of a kind.  She works by a PROFESSIONAL code of ethics that is unmatched by her peers. She is a warm, friendly human being..  
Before I started my search for a home, I made sure to surround myself with five important tools, one of which was a knowledgeable and professional real estate broker that would be committed to work with me until I found my home.  That person was Madeline. I had worked with about three other brokers before meeting Madeline. However, they were too pushy, had poor listening skills, was not accommodating in scheduling appointments (I had a new born) and frankly, I did not feel as though I could trust that they had my best interest in mind.
I met Madeline in January 2009. Initially, the process seemed daunting, and, at times, I just wanted to give up. But Madeline would not let me. She is truthful but tactful about things, and has a way about her that helps you refocus.  One of her greatest attributes is PATIENCE.   It is Madeline’s knowledge of the real estate market, her LOVE for Brooklyn and really knowing the borough (inside out) that made the search palatable.  You see, I grew up in Brooklyn, but I really did not know certain sections existed until Madeline pointed them out.  She pointed out the RED FLAGS of buying a home and helped me identify repairs that would be a simple cosmetic job.   That information was invaluable and helped put things into perspective as time went on.  Whenever situations got tough with offers and counteroffers, Madeline advocated for me, the borrower.  I have and will continue to refer Madeline to any one looking to purchase a home (or an apartment). Madeline is dedicated and truly loves what she does.  She will not stop and she will not let you stop until she finds you an affordable home. I purchased my home in July 2011. Thank you Madeline!!!
Since then Madeline has attended several of my family functions, one being my son’s 3-yr old birthday party and I am a supporter of her daughter’s charity. I know we will continue to be friends for life. 
Sheila Smalls


Madeline Caudiano, has patience and took her time to show me real estate until I found a new home. She was very helpful and I appreciate her hard work.



I have known Madeline professionally and personally for the past 15 years.  We first met when I was looking to buy a house.  Madeline knew exactly what I wanted and helped me find the perfect house that I still live in.  Now, 15 years later she is helping me sell another house.  She is knowledgeable, professional and goes above & beyond to ensure that her clients are satisfied.  I always recommend Madeline to family and friends, she is a person I trust and I feel honored to call her my friend.


Madeline led the transaction through lengthy estate court and meticulous board reviews. Her focus kept the parties on course, despite setbacks, and allowed everyone to conclude the sale.


I first met Madeline back in Sept of 2000.  I was looking for an apt she was so helpful.  Right from the start she felt like family and helped me make the best decision.  We still work closely together.  Madeline is a person you can trust.

Anthony Graziano

Possesses  a wealth of knowledge and real estate insight. Kept me focused, calm and informed during real estate search ".

Cynthia Brooks

Madeline was recommended to me through a friend.  She was tireless in her quest to find me my perfect home; she never tried to push me to buy something just for a sale.  For that reason let me be your friend and recommend her to you.

Paul G

Madeline helped me buy my first home in 1994 that I still live in today. When I contemplated selling my home and buying another home, Madeline took the time to take me house hunting.  I will call Madeline when I am ready to sell my current home and buy another.

Donna D.
Brooklyn, NY

After having no success with another real estate company we met Madeline at her office and right from the start she gave us all the time that we needed to feel comfortable and to look through all the listings that might suit us, We looked at many properties and started to feel as if We would never find something that we like and wanted to give up but Madeline wouldn't stand for that and almost every night of the week took us to different properties . Finally , after what seemed like forever Madeline took us to a property and right away we got that feeling she was talking about, The feeling of a perfect fit. Needless to say we purchased the property but looking back on it I never understood how she took so much time out of her busy schedule to make us feel as if we was her only client.  Madeline and her husband have been to our home since then for holiday parties and have become part of our circle of friends. Thank you Madeline

Michael Angelo Savino
Rolando Canteto

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