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The Benefits of Purchasing Real Estate in the Borough

View near property for sale Staten Island, NYSituated in New York City's southwestern section, Staten Island has a population of more than 473,000 inhabitants and contains numerous points of interest, such as the Gateway National Recreation Area, Bayonne Bridge and Voorlezer's House. Furthermore, residents commonly visit the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden, and this attraction has a sizable theater, exhibits that feature many types of art and a popular science center.

The Value of Real Estate

In the last 10 years, the average price of the borough's properties has increased substantially, and the values of homes in Staten Island remained particularly stable during the economic crisis that occurred in 2008. Several analyses have indicated that the prices of houses may rise by more than 5 percent during the next two years.

Extensive Shopping Centers

A team of well-known contractors recently began to build Harbor Commons, which will link New York Bay and Richmond Terrace. The mall will feature more than 100 popular stores and have an area of 340,000 square feet. Additionally, the shopping center is going to contain at least two plazas that will host concerts and numerous types of festivals.

Ideal Neighborhoods

Throughout the past five years, the demand for properties near Bay Street has risen substantially, and this waterfront district is especially close to Jones Woods Park and Tappen Park. Many of the area's homes also offer excellent views of Brooklyn and New York Bay.

Reserves and Beaches

Staten Island contains a wide array of popular preserves, and some of these include Bloomingdale Park, Miller Field and Long Pond Park. Residents frequently enjoy kayaking in Freshkills Park, and this reserve features a nature center, numerous extensive trails, a historic home and a golf course. Furthermore, you may visit Ocean Breeze Park, which is near many chic restaurants, extensive wetlands and piers that provide excellent views of Brooklyn.

Utilizing the Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry first operated in 1817, and the boat currently provides 24/7 services and transports approximately 75,000 individuals per day. The ferry allows passengers to enjoy majestic views of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan. Staten Island's residents can board the ferry for free and may bring bicycles during each trip.

The Brooklyn Brewery

sell my home Staten Island, NYEstablished in 1988, the Brooklyn Brewery is preparing to construct a state-of-the-art facility in Staten Island. The building will have an area of more than 200,000 square feet, and according to one analysis, the facility may attract approximately 80,000 visitors per month.

Exploring Additional Attractions

Staten Island features numerous popular destinations, such as the Conference House, Staten Island Zoo, Alice Austen House, Historic Richmond Town and the Staten Island Children's Museum. Currently, numerous companies are constructing a massive Ferris wheel in St. George, which is a neighborhood that is positioned in Staten Island's northern section. With a height of 630 feet, the attraction will be the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, and it will be able to accommodate 1,440 people.

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